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Bang Bang, They Shot Him Down

I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding of people's motivations for celebrating the assassination of Bin Laden.
For the past decade, our entire culture has been twisting in the wind, waiting for the other shoe to explode. We, as a people, watched our civil liberties erode, our wealth squandered, and our impotence on the world stage mocked (most viciously by us). All of this happened because one man scared the shit out of us. Oh, there were bottom-feeding opportunists waiting in the wings, but there always were those people. People who wanted to bomb the Soviets to powder, or take over Iran, or traipse across the globe like infantile giants. They were sometimes powerful, usually fringe voices, but for all the excesses of our crude views of the world, they never gained ascendancy. Then came September 11th, 2001.
The loss of life was numbing, the motivations so prosaic it boggled the mind. We're sort of used to dumb crackers who blow up abortion clinics, and we kn…