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Why RPGs are important

There is a tendency amongst my peers to either deride or exalt their pastimes, often to an extreme. The former smacks of the sneering disdain for experiences that marks the hipster, while the latter lends a hand-wringing quality. Both are the acts of uncertainty. This uncertainty isn't implicit in play of any kind, it is imposed upon us by market forces beyond our control. If a thing does not make you money, or train you in the acquisition of wealth, it is worthless. This is the shabby tragedy of our time. Play has its own value, and is not the purview of only the idle and the immature.

I grew up on role playing games. I still remember the first RPG I bought with my allowance monies- Night of the Walking Dead.
My budding interest in all things gross and ghoulish forced my hand-- the first movie I ever watched without my parents was A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and it made an impression. The downside to this purchase was that the game was incomplete. I had no way of knowin…

This Tribe

I've never been a fan of conspiracy theories. To me they have the same simplicity that creationism has, the same need to reduce complicated events into bumper sticker meanings. The irony being that once you adhere to the simple doctrine, you have to perform mental acrobatics to make your worldview explain contradictory evidence. So while I hate simplistic explanations, I do love a good acrobat.

I'm thinking about this because I'm thinking about the comic, and I'm thinking about that because I'm finally able to think about that. A peculiar thing happens to your mind when there isn't any certainty in your future. Your horizon recedes to the next day, the next meal, the next dollar. Nothing matters past that point, because all points after that are contingent and ethereal. Its not the first time I've been in that state, and will likely not be the last, but this time around I accomplished something I'd hitherto failed.

I managed to find a group of f…